The rectangular table on which snooker is played has six pot holes; one in each of the table’s four corners and one on each of its four horizontal sides. Snooker is a game played with a cue stick in which players attempt to pot their balls into any of the holes on the table from the side they choose or obtain (solids or stripes).

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There are methods to employ and abilities to master if you want to be good at snooker. Here are some tips to help you improve your play. 

Regularly examine your posture

Your posture is crucial for shot accuracy and has a significant impact on your chances of potting the balls in the holes. To make hitting the ball more comfortable, adjust your body in accordance with which hand you play with. You can practice on other really good players by watching their stances and studying them. You should be aware that not all shooting postures will be 

Keep your attention on the cue ball while playing and ignore the other object balls. Make sure you focus on controlling the cue ball and make it your first objective. Due to the complexity and difficulty of this approach, you must pay close attention.

Don’t think about your body

You should be aware that only your hands are required while taking a shot and that moving your full body can interfere with your aim. When taking a shot, just the hand holding the cue stick should move. Make sure your hips, legs, feet, and so on are all in isolation.

Relax your grip on the cue stick

You can overgrip the cue stick when you line up a shot because of the pressure. Working toward the ideal shot naturally causes it. You must relax your hold to allow the cue to glide in a fluid motion, for a perfect and more accurate shot.

Try some drills to test your abilities

Drills can help you become a better player overall. You can practice a variety of activities, such as shooting drills to determine your most comfortable stance. You can arrange the balls in a line, put up barriers, and attempt to pot some balls into the holes. To increase effectiveness, you can occasionally punish yourself if you miss a shot.


Snooker may be challenging for some players, but if you use different methods when playing, it can get really easy for you. This article highlights some tips to improve your snooker playing skills.