Snooker legend, Ronnie O’Sullivan has recently revealed his top five snooker players of all time. This announcement has been eagerly anticipated by fans and professionals alike within the world of snooker.

O’Sullivan is a name that resonates with almost everyone who follows this sport. A six-time World Champion himself, he’s known for his exceptional skill on the green baize as well as his candid personality off it. The list he shared offers an interesting insight into who he thinks are the greatest to have ever graced the game.

Firstly, coming in at number one on O’Sullivan’s list was Stephen Hendry 🎱 . Known as ‘The King of Crucible’, Hendry dominated during the 90s and holds seven World Championship titles to date – a record that remains unbroken. His ruthless winning mentality and unparalleled potting ability make him an obvious choice for many when discussing all-time greats.

Next up was Steve Davis; another player whose influence over snooker can’t be underestimated. With six World Championships under his belt and having held onto number one ranking position throughout most of eighties, Davis’ impact on shaping modern day Snooker is undeniable.

Thirdly named by O’Sullivan was John Higgins: four times World Champion from Scotland known not only for his impressive title tally but also consistent performance across decades in professional circuit which makes him stand out among peers even today.

In fourth place came Ray Reardon – ‘Dracula’ due to dark slicked back hair combined with sharp wit & tactical nous made him formidable adversary during seventies era where won six world championships making significant contribution towards popularising this sport globally

Finally rounding off top five according Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins despite turbulent career marked personal issues still managed win two world championship titles revolutionised way game played thanks flamboyant attacking style play brought new audiences attention towards otherwise considered slow paced strategic game

This list, while subjective, offers a fascinating insight into the players who have influenced and shaped snooker over its history. Each of these individuals has brought something unique to the table (quite literally), whether that be through their playing style, personality or sheer dominance in winning titles.

In conclusion, Ronnie O’Sullivan’s top five all-time greatest snooker players are Stephen Hendry, Steve Davis, John Higgins, Ray Reardon and Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins. This selection not only highlights the rich heritage of this sport but also serves as a reminder of how each player’s individual journey contributes to the overall narrative within world Snooker.